Main fuse services

The most common reason you might need main fuse services is that your fuses keep blowing and your electrical system does not allow all of your household appliances to be used at the same time. This means that the amperage of the main fuse in the place of consumption is too low and you need to increase it. You will also need main fuse services if the amperage is too large or if you want to replace your main fuse with a newer type.
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Changing the power system

Replacing a single-phase connection with a three-phase connection is an alternative to increasing the amperage of your main fuse. If you live in a flat, it is generally better to change the number of phases, but you should consider increasing the amperage of the main fuse in a detached house. The outdated 3x220V line voltage still in use in the centre of Tallinn, the Old Town, Kristiine and Põhja-Tallinn must be changed to the 3x230/400V power system generally used in Estonia.
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Metering services

If you suspect that your electricity meter is faulty, then we can replace it. If you would like to start using a double-tariff price package, then you have to order a meter replacement. When meters are due for testing, we will replace the meters for free. We will monitor the meters and when they need to be replaced, so you do not have to worry about it. If you would like to start using remotely read meters sooner than our official installation process allows, then you can order a remotely read meter but you will need to pay a fee.
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Sealing services

If the meter and the main fuse are in the junction box inside the building and you need to do electrical work there such as replacing or renovating the junction box or connecting a cable to the main fuse, you must ask us to remove the seals and reseal the box after the work is finished.
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Connection switching services
If you wish to work safely near a power line, to repair the façade of your building for example, we can deactivate the line for you. You might also need us to do this if you are planning electrical work in the building. The electrician working on your electrical system will decide whether it is necessary. Connection switching services also include reconnecting a place of consumption that has been disconnected because of an unpaid debt or disconnecting power lines above roads and raising them higher for vehicles with outsize loads to pass.
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Connection reactivation
We can reactivate the network connection in a place of consumption if has been disconnected. This is usually the case when a cable has been stolen or a substation has been vandalised. Reactivation is free at a former connection point, otherwise we will charge a fee for reactivation.
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External electrical network renovation
Various types of work may need to be done in an external electrical network, such as changing the location of an electrical network on a property, moving a junction box or a connection point, or combining the metering points into one beyond the connection point.
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Coordinating designs
Design coordination is needed if newly planned buildings or communications cross the protected zone of an electrical system, are located in the protected zone, or require the relocation of a part of the electrical system such as an overhead line, cable line or substation. Design coordination may also be required by the local authorities.
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Coordinating activities in a protected zone
If you wish to do any digging or other work in the protected zone of a power network, you must contact us for coordination.
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Carrying out a technical inspection

A technical inspection for the design of buildings and communications is required for designing external power networks or a detailed plan and can be requested by your designer or detailed plan designer.
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Consumption records

You can choose from three types of consumption records: a monthly record by the day, a monthly record by the hour, and a daily record by the hour. You can only order a consumption record if there is a remote reading system meter that records data by the hour at the measurement point for which you want to order the consumption record.
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