How can I issue an authorisation?

You can authorise somebody else to manage all of your contracts, whether for one place of consumption or for several places of consumption.

Please note! You can only authorise a person who has already registered in the customer information system. If they have not done so, they must first register as a customer using our e-service. Enter our e-service »

You can also send your letter of authorisation by email or by post, filling in the letter of authorisation form and sending it to us. Letter of authorisation for residential customer (doc) »

Companies that have not used our e-service before should first of all send us an application so we can register the company as an e-service user. The application can be submitted by any representative of the company who has the right to delegate powers, such as someone who is named in the company registration in the commercial register. The digitally signed application can be e-mailed to, or a signed paper copy can be send to us by post. After becoming an e-service user, the representative of the company or institution will be able to authorise third persons to manage operations in our e-service. Business customer's letter of authorisation (doc) »