Our e-service is the fastest and most secure channel for submitting meter readings. Immediately after you have submitted your reading you will know whether it has gone through and whether it was submitted correctly.

You can submit your readings after you log in.

Flexible submission of readings
Please submit your readings at least once a year, and preferably every time there has been a change in the prices, for example when the renewable energy fee or the network service price list have changed. If you have chosen flexible submission of readings, then you will receive a bill every month calculated from your estimated electricity consumption. Read more about flexible submission of meter readings »

Other ways of submitting readings
If for any reason you do not wish to submit your readings in our e-service or if you have chosen flexible submission of readings but do not want your bills to be calculated from estimates, then you can also submit your readings by text message or by calling our meter readings line. Other ways of submitting readings »

When should I submit readings?
We need to receive your meter readings between the last day of the month and the third day of the following month, so you can submit your March reading between 29 March and 3 April, for example. For the months when you do not send us your meter readings, we estimate your power consumption on the basis of your consumption history and the standard consumption schedule. We recommend you choose flexible submission of readings if you wish to submit your readings only once a year. Read more about flexible submission of meter readings »

What if I do not submit my reading on time?
Bill are issued every month in the open electricity market and so it is important to submit readings on time. If you submit your reading late then we will estimate your electricity consumption from your average electricity consumption. If the estimated reading is incorrect, then we recommend you submit the correct reading in the next billing period and we will adjust the calculation accordingly.

When and how do I receive my bill?
Eesti Energia customer service provides a billing service for Elektrilevi customers. Network operators including Elektrilevi send data about their customers' electricity consumption to the Elering data warehouse by the ninth day of the month at the latest. Electricity sellers will then start to issue bills using this data. Therefore, on the open market it can take up to twelve days from when the electricity reading is submitted to when the bill is issued. Eesti Energia will send your network service bill to the address you have given us, and you can check or change the address in our e-service. Eesti Energia only issues bills for a minimum of three euros. You can also get a bill for less than three euros. Please let us know if you want to do so by emailing teenindus@energia.ee or by calling the customer service line +372 777 1545.

When will a remotely read meter be installed at my consumption point?
In 2013–2016 we will replace the old meters with new remotely read meters for all our customers across Estonia. The extensive project, during which we will install nearly 630,000 new meters, will be carried out with our partner Ericsson Eesti. See when to expect a new meter »

How can I submit a reading in the e-service if the contract is not in my name?
You can report your reading in the e-service even if you are not the person who signed the network contract with us. The owner of the contract can authorise you to log in to our e-service. The owner can give you the authorisation to manage the contracts and billing and to handle other data about multiple places of consumption.

  • The easiest way to issue a letter of authorisation is by looking under "Contacts and Settings" on our e-service menu.
  • You can also send the e-service authorisation letter by email or by post. You need to fill in and sign the form for a letter of authorisation and send it to us.

NB! Only a customer who has signed a contract with us can give authorisation and the person authorised has to be registered in our customer information system. If they are not registered, then they will need to do this in our e-service. You can use your ID card, your Mobile ID or your internet bank to register.

How can a company submit its readings in the e-service?
A company representative who can give authorisation has to send an application by email or post if they want to use our e-service and we will register them as a user. After registering, the company representative can authorise other people to handle company affairs in the e-service. NB! Only a company representative who has the right to give authorisation can do that, for example a representative who is listed on the registry card.

If you did not find the answer to your question here, please ask us using this form »