Total capacity of the nanoproduction units can be up to 0.79 kW

The capacity of a nanoproduction unit or units can be up to 0,79 kW at one connection point (incl. in one apartment building). If you wish to connect production equipment, including nanoproduction units with a sum of capacities of 0.8 kW or more to your connection point, an connection application of an small producer or an electricity producer must be submitted in order to use more production capacity.

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Register the unit

Registration of the unit is necessary for a secure connection to the network as well as for the network operator to have knowledge of the production equipment used in the network and to be able to correctly measure the quantities produced.

Submit an application

The application can be easily and conveniently submitted in self-service

Submit an application

To submit your application, go to the page for network agreements, select from the list the point of consumption where you want to register your nanoproduction unit.

Device registration

Fill in the required fields in the network contract window that opens.
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Network agreement amendment and use of the device

We will review your application. If applicable, we will send you the network agreement with amended data and a confirmation that your unit is registered and ready for use.
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Good to know!

If there is a multi-phase connection at the point of consumption, when connecting a nanoproduction unit, make sure that it is used in the same phase as the consumption. If the nanoproduction unit is connected to a phase where there is no consumption, then the amount of electricity consumed from the network will not be reduced and the produced electricity will be supplied to the network.

Device registration

  • enter the capacity of the production unit to be registered
  • choose whether you want to consume all the electricity on site or supply it to the network as well.
  • If you wish to supply the produced electricity to the network, your existing meter must be replaced. Replacement of the meter is chargeable, the price of the service is EUR 61.20 (including VAT). The waiting time for meter replacement is up to 2 months due to extended delivery times for meters.

    Amendments to the network agreement

    The use of a nanoproduction unit at the point of consumption is permitted after receiving a corresponding notification from the network operator. Parallel operation of the electricity generating unit with the network and/or the supply of electricity to the network without concluding a corresponding network agreement is not permitted.