Electrical safety at home

Safe electrical work

You need to follow safety instructions when doing electrical work to ensure that your home electrical installation is safe. The Electrical Safety Act defines electrical work as repairing, modifying, inspecting, testing and maintaining an electrical appliance and designing, inspecting, repairing, maintaining and constructing an electrical installation.

Electrical work can be done by qualified companies or people who are registered in the Register of Economic Activities. You should not do any electrical work yourself but use electrical companies registered in the Register of Economic Activities instead.

The Act also defines simple electrical work that can be done by anyone. This includes changing light bulbs and switching the fuses in the junction box on and off. Switch the electricity off before you start doing electrical work.

Do not change the way the electrical appliance is put together when you're fixing it because it could endanger your life if you put its protective or sealing components in the wrong places. Do not connect aluminium and copper wires without a special interface.