We will use the network fees set in 2011 to invest around 300 million euros in the power network in three years to achieve our objective of reducing the number of power cuts per household by a fifth. Before now we have mainly distributed our investments between the construction of weather-proof underground and overhead cable lines and new substations and the installation of remote meter reading systems.
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Electricity market
The European Union is moving towards an electricity market that promotes competition, ensures that investments are reflected in generation capacities, and allows consumers to choose electricity sellers. When Estonia joined the EU, we were allowed to transfer to the open market in two parts on the condition that the whole market must open in 2013. This means that from 1 January 2013 all electricity consumers will be able to choose and change their electricity seller.
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Price for the Network Service
Elektrilevi's network service of bringing electricity to places of consumption is financed by the network fee. The Estonian Competition Authority annually monitors the costs of the transmission network operator and approves the price of the network service.
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Remote Meter Reading System
The Network Regulations set by the Estonian government state that all standard electricity meters must be replaced by remotely read meters by the beginning of 2017.
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Electrical safety
Ignorance, carelessness or a lack of attention with electricity can cause serious accidents and can lead to fire, injury or death. It is very important that you know how to use electrical appliances safely and what to do if there is an electrical breakdown and that you re-read the rules from time to time.
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