Procurement tenders
Elektrilevi does a lot of its work on the electricity network with the help of its partners and by organising procurement tenders to ensure the best possible price, quality and flexibility. We work with around 70 partner companies to build and maintain the electricity network, clear line corridors and purchase equipment and materials for the electricity network.
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You need to coordinate activities in the protected zone of power lines and designs of buildings and communications with Elektrilevi.

  • You need to coordinate a design if the planned facility passes through the protected zone of an electricity network, is located in the protected zone or requires the relocation of an electrical system, or if the local government demands coordination.
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Toleration of utility networks
Owners of properties can apply for compensation from us for tolerating utility works and structures on their land. To get the compensation, the land owner or their authorised representative needs to fill in the utility networks and structures toleration fee form and bring it to one of our customer service centres, post it to Kadaka tee 63, 12915, Tallinn, or email it to

Issuing the location details
To get location details for the electricity network, please send the basic plan indicating the borders of the area you want to know about to (in DWG format using L-Est coordinates) and provide the exact address and the cadastral unit number in the subject of your email. For instance: Harjumaa, Tallinn, Kadaka tee 63, 78405:502:0075. From 1 June 2015 issuing the location details is a paid service. More details on prices can be found in the pricelist »

For additional information on the issuing location details, please call 53 068 346 or 53 069 872.