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Coordinating designs for buildings and communications

  • Coordinating designs for communications
  • If the design crosses the protected zone of an electrical system
  • If the design requires the relocation of an electrical system

A design for buildings and communications is a construction design for communications utilities other than electricity (such as water, sewerage and cable television), buildings, vegetation, and other civil engineering works and electrical systems that do not belong to us, such as outdoor lighting and advertising lights. Detailed plans are also considered to be designs for buildings and communications.

Design coordination is needed if the planned buildings or communications:

  • cross the protected zone of an electrical system, which is the land, airspace or water that surrounds an electrical system and where usage limitations apply to ensure the safety of the electrical system; or
  • are located within the protected zone; or
  • require coordination by order of the local authorities; or
  • require a part of the electrical network (an overhead line, cable line, substation, etc.) to be relocated in connection with the planned construction (on the line). In such cases an application to rebuild the network is required, and making the application is possible here. When the electrical design for rebuilding the network is ready, it must be submitted separately for approval.
  • When preparing a design, please follow the applicable laws, our technical inspection documents and the design task. Elektrilevi requirements for design and construction.

How much does coordination cost?

  • Small design: 20.94 euros. The price includes up to 30 minutes of on-site consultations.
    A small design is a drawing to 1:500 scale in A4–A3 format. A design is also small, regardless of its format, if the drawing does not include any networks that belong to Elektrilevi or if the drawing includes an overhead line that belongs to Elektrilevi.
  • Medium design: 41.87 euros.
    A medium design features a drawing in A3 or A2 format with the design area located on multiple cadastral units.
  • Large design: 83.74 euros.
    A large design is a drawing to 1:500 scale in A2–A1 or larger format and is based on a detailed plan.
  • Large-scale infrastructure design (road construction or reconstruction design): 233.78 euros.
    An infrastructure design uses 1:500 scale design drawings in A2–A0 format or contains multiple drawings in A3 format. The design shows the relocation of electrical systems where needed, the installation of other technical networks, road construction with road sections and vertical plans, and vegetation planning.
  • Up to 30 minutes of on-site consultation: 20.94 euros.
  • Preparation of detailed plans: free.
  • If it becomes evident during the procedure that the design does not meet the applicable requirements or the Elektrilevi terms and conditions, approval will be refused. The person submitting the design will have to eliminate any shortcomings in the design and re-submit it for approval in the e-service.
  • Submission of the design is subject to a fee regardless of approval. The fee depends on the size of the design and is 20.94 euros for a small design, 41.87 euros for a medium design, etc.

Additional information on coordination:

  • In the Northern region (Tallinn, Harjumaa, Pärnu, Pärnumaa, Saaremaa and Hiiumaa) –, phone 46 54 600.
  • You may report any problems with street lighting in Tallinn by calling a special number 46 54 600 or by sending an email to
  • In the Southern region (Lääne-Virumaa, Raplamaa, Järvamaa, Jõhvi, Ida- Virumaa, Jõgevamaa, Tartu, Tartumaa, Põlvamaa, Valgamaa, Võrumaa, Viljandimaa) –, phone 46 54 500.