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Main fuse services

  • If your fuses blow
  • By optimising the main fuse you can reduce the fixed fee
  • Lowering the amperage, adding and dividing main fuses

Why do I need main fuse services?

It is important for the rating of the main fuse in your place of consumption to be correct so that you can use electricity without any problems. The main fuse has two functions – it provides fire protection by switching off in the event of a short circuit, and it determines how many household appliances you can use at any one time. The higher your main fuse rating, the more electrical appliances you can use at the same time and the higher their wattage can be.

You will need our main fuse services if:

  • your fuses keep blowing, as this means that the main fuse amperage in your place of consumption is too low and you should increase it;
  • the main fuse amperage is higher than you need, meaning that you could save on costs by lowering the amperage of the main fuse if you are using a package with a fixed fee;
  • you would like to replace your old main fuse with a more up-to-date and reliable main fuse, with the same amperage;
  • You want to transfer from a single-phase to a three-phase network connection.
  • Lowering and later restoring the main fuse amperage

    If you have decided that your main fuse amperage is excessive; for example, if you no longer use electric heating or have replaced your household appliances with new and more economical ones, or if your former farmhouse is now a summer house, it is a good idea to lower the main fuse amperage.

  • Increasing the amperage of a main fuse

    The procedure for increasing the amperage of the main fuse is the same as for connecting to the power network. If the amperage at the place of consumption is too low, the amperage of the main fuse should be increased.

  • Replacing main fuses

    You can replace your main fuse with one with higher nominal amperage, for example you could replace a thermal fuse with a circuit breaker or an older type circuit breaker with a newer type. We do not change the location of the supply point and main fuse when we replace the main fuse.

  • Adding and dividing main fuses

    An existing main fuse can be divided when a property is divided. Main fuses on the same property can be added.

  • Transfer to a three-phase network connection

    You will need this service if you want to replace a single-phase network connection with a three-phase connection, to move from 1 x 20 A to 3 x 20 A for example.

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