We notify each customer individually at least two days before the planned outage happens by email or text message. Information about the times and causes of planned outages can be found on our map of outages.

What's the reason for planned outages?

Planned outages are necessary when we repair and maintain electricity networks and build new ones. Sometimes we may also have to disconnect power lines to let vehicles with large loads get through.

When will I receive notification about a planned outage?

We inform customers about the scheduled outages needed for work in power networks at least two days in advance.

Is it possible to cancel a planned outage?

An outage affects a great number of customers and also concerns the agreements we have with the people who do the work, so we can only re-schedule a planned outage if it is absolutely necessary.

Is it possible to delay an outage to a time after working hours or during the evening?

Unfortunately it is not possible to schedule all electricity work for evenings or weekends.

We do our best to make sure that customers are not affected by power outages and keep the duration of the outage as short as possible. We are doing more and more work with the lines remaining live, which is safe if all the safety rules are followed, but it is not possible to do all electrical work without power outages.

How do we inform customers about planned outages?

Information on planned outages is sent to customers by email. If a customer's email address is unavailable, the information is sent via a short message (SMS). Customers may nominate a person to be contacted in cases of planned outages for each place of consumption on the contact details page. View, change or add contact details for use in cases of planned outages »