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More about outages

  • Planned outages – during network maintenance
  • Breakdowns – when the network breaks down
  • No electricity at home in either case
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You can find the most up-to-date information about the planned outages affecting your home on our map of outages. The map also shows reported breakdowns.
See the map of outages »

  • Planned outages

    Planned outages are necessary when we repair and maintain electricity networks and build new ones. We notify each customer individually at least two days before a planned outage happens by e-mail or text message.

  • Breakdowns

    The functioning of the power network depends a lot on the weather. Strong winds, snowfall, glaze frost and electrical storms inevitably cause outages. Human activities can also result in breakdowns, e.g. when lines are damaged during digging or felling operations.

  • Storm preparations and safety instructions

    When a storm is due, it is time to be prepared for an outage. You should remind your family that broken power lines can be fatal. Think about how you can prevent storm damage.