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About reporting and fixing breakdowns

  • Advice on how to call the fault notification line 1343
  • What happens after reporting a breakdown?
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Elektrilevi fault notification line


We receive information about breakdowns in the medium voltage network automatically

Elektrilevi usually receives information about breakdowns in medium voltage lines automatically. Thanks to the special network switches, we are often able to isolate a faulty section from the rest of the medium voltage network and restore power supply to most consumers. After that we can start fixing the problem itself.

We receive information about breakdowns in the low voltage network from customers

The low voltage network has not been made fully automatic yet, and the only way we can get information about breakdowns there is when customers tell us. When we receive information about a breakdown, the dispatcher finds the nearest repair crew and sends them to identify the location of the breakdown, but sometimes we need to check dozens of kilometres of power lines to find it, so it can take several hours from the moment we receive the information until we can restore the power supply. This is why information about exactly where a tree has fallen on power lines or similar problems is very helpful.

When the dispatcher has received information about a breakdown and sent the repair crew on its way, the information about the breakdown is registered in the database, so please wait for 10–15 minutes before calling our outage information line if there is a power outage. This will allow the information line operator to see and give you more precise information about what is happening. Estimating when the power supply in a low voltage network will be restored is more difficult because we have to locate the breakdown first.

When you call the Elektrilevi fault notification line 1343, we can automatically determine the geographical location you are calling from. When you call the fault notification line 1343, you will first hear a recorded message about known breakdowns in your region and an estimation of how quickly we expect to restore the power supply. If the recorded text refers to the outage in your area, you don't need to tell us about the power cut, as we are already working to solve the problem. But if the recorded text does not mention the outage in your area, do not hang up, because after the automatic text you will be able to talk directly to a member of our staff. Once you have reported a failure there is no need to call again, since that way we can keep the line free for other customers. Please understand that the fault notification line is an infoline – calling this number repeatedly cannot make the repair team work any faster.

We work hard every day to be able to restore the power supply as quickly as possible after breakdowns, as well as installing the newest equipment in the networks, using information systems and making our work more efficient. We are updating the power network and ensure the daily maintenance of lines and equipment to prevent breakdowns. New electricity meters with a remote reading system allow us to keep an eye on the low voltage network. Using these meters, we will able to be more accurate in the future in evaluating the scope of failures and fixing faults faster.

To provide our customers with more up-to-date information we have developed a short message fault notification service. This means that we can inform customers by text message about faults as they are discovered and the approximate time it will take to fix them. Read more »