Elektrilevi's High-Speed Internet

Elektrilevi is beginning to set up an Internet network that will provide Internet and television services that require fast connections. The new fiber optic broadband connection is of high quality and less dependent on the weather, coverage and other factors affecting the quality of service.


Wholesale level access of the telecommunications operator to Elektrilevi's local access network

  • We guarantee access for the telecommunications operators to the passive broadband infrastructure at the Elektrilevi access point when the local access network is completed
  • The timetable for the expected completion of local access network by settlement unit will be published on the Elektrilevi website
  • We will provide fair and non-discriminatory access for all telecommunications operators at equivalent terms of accession and prices
  • What technology does Elektrilevi use?

  • The local access network being established is a passive P2P PON, which is connected to the operators' network mostly through splitters
  • The local access network established by the support measure shall be connected to the freely accessible basic fiber optic network in a way that does not require additional construction works such as building and regularization of the routes (the operator must join the designated base network point or under independent special conditions, the access point of Elektrilevi)
  • Network resources from freely accessible basic network to local access network is provided to at least five tele communications operators
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    What happens after the joining?

    Elektrilevi is building an operator-neutral local access network through which all telecommunications operators can provide their service. Elektrilevi itself does not provide the service.

    We will inform all the end-users in the respective area of the possibility to join.

    The notice that Elektrilevi will send to the customer includes:

  • the deadline for joining
  • the deadline for establishing the connection
  • standard terms and conditions for joining
  • list of telecommunications operators providing services in the region
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    How much does it cost to join a network?

  • The cost of joining through the Elektrilevi passage to the publicly accessible basic network is EUR 500 (excl. VAT) per access point. The price includes the connection to the base network node and the required splitters at the access point. The price of joining shall not apply if the telecommunications operator does not use Elektrilevi's passage to the publicly accessible basic network to reach the access point.
  • The monthly connection fee for the connected end-user will be EUR 6 per month.
  • Check the detailed price list of the operators' communications network
  • Where does Elektrilevi provide the communication cable?

  • In case of an overhead line, we usually bring the communication cable to the building construction as an overhead line. The end-user will be provided the necessary cable to move the communication cable to the desired location. The exact location of the cable end will be coordinated with the end-user, taking into account the technical capabilities and the customer's request. The hole in the wall can be drilled by the customer, and we will provide the instructions on how to do it and what to keep in mind. Upon request, the end-user can also order this work from Elektrilevi or from one of the telecommunications operators (if such a service is provided by the telecommunications operator).
  • In the case of an underground cable, we bring the communication cable into the property's immediate vicinity, the exact technical solution depends on the specific project.
  • How to join?

  • The telecommunications operators that have signed the Memorandum of Co-operation and Confidentiality Agreement with Elektrilevi will be informed of the project areas.
  • Following the entering of the co-operation agreement, the telecommunications operator will be provided with a survey of the basic network connection locations, with the distribution of settlement units and the number of addressable objects to be connected, and framework service agreements will be concluded.
  • What happens after the joining?

    Five business days prior to the launching of end-user contracts and sending the respective notice, we will provide the affiliated telecommunications operators with a detailed list of end-user addresses of the region that can be connected to the local access network.

    After completion of the route of the local access network, we will inform the telecommunications operators about the deadline for the development of subscriber lines, and the telecommunications operator can start ordering connection activations. All the connections will be activated upon completion of the subscriber lines in accordance with the terms of the contract.

    What technology does Elektrilevi use?

  • Local access networks that are set up without the support measure are connected to the nearest basic network, which may be subject to accessibility restrictions and for which Elektrilevi is not responsible
  • The splitters of Elektrilevi's local access network are at Elektrilevi's access point (FCP), which is accessible only to Elektrilevi or our authorized representative
  • The access point uses 1:2 to 1:64 splitters depending on the area and / or need , Elektrilevi does not install OLT or ONU equipment
  • We guarantee the operator physically segregated fibers from the access point to end-users, under special conditions, a pair of fibers