Current status:
Due to maintenance work on our e-service, the electricity failure map is temporarily unavailable. We will restore access to the map as soon as possible.
There are slightly more breakdowns today than usual due to the bad weather. We will fix them as soon as possible.
Call 1343 and notify us about any breakdown!

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Compensation for Damage Caused
Occasional disturbances in the power network are inevitable. They can happen because of switching or breakdowns in the line or because of force majeure events such as thunder- storms. If your property is damaged by an event caused or controlled by us, we will pay you compensation for it. To get this compensation, you must send us a claim for compensation for damages.
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Preventing damage
You can protect your electrical devices with specialised equipment to prevent damage that we cannot control and therefore cannot pay compensation for, such as damage caused by lightning or the electrical system in the place of consumption.
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Electrical safety
Ignorance, carelessness or a lack of attention with electricity can cause serious accidents and can lead to fire, injury or death. It is very important that you know how to use electrical appliances safely and what to do if there is an electrical breakdown and that you re-read the rules from time to time.
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