Wires can be dangerous

Teach your children how to use electrical appliances. Teach them that they must unplug a wire from the socket by holding the plug and not by pulling at the wire; otherwise they can tear the wire away from the plug and cause a short circuit. Tell them that bare wires and damaged cables are extremely dangerous and children must not touch them. Teach your children to tell you right away if they notice any signs that electrical appliances or plugs are broken or if there are any alarms or sparks so that they can prevent a fire from starting or someone from getting an electric shock this way. Teach them that multi-socket extension cords aren't toys and tell them why it is dangerous to use electrical devices in the shower or in the bathtub and also why they mustn't touch electrical devices when their hands are wet.

Substations can be dangerous

Substation buildings or areas are marked with electrical danger signs and it is forbidden to come close to them. Tell your children that the doors and gates of substations are usually locked, but they can be left open by electricity thieves who have broken into the substation. Tell children that they must not go inside a substation if they see its doors are open and that they must tell adults about it or inform Elektrilevi by calling our fault notification line 1343. Teach your children to keep away from junction boxes, masts and any objects marked with yellow electrical danger signs.

Power Lines can be Dangerous

Tell your children that playing under power lines is very dangerous because, for example, a ball might fly into power lines and cause a short circuit. There can be loose wires that have come down or have been brought down by a storm near to power line poles, and they are extremely dangerous. If there is an accident and a child has been hurt, they must call adults for help and call the 112 emergency number. Teach your children about step voltage; tell them that they can get an electric shock from a power line that has broken and fallen to the ground even if they don't touch it. Warn your children not to go near broken power cables at all and not to climb on power line masts.