With enough knowledge almost all electrical accidents can be avoided. Elektrilevi contributes to electrical accident prevention every year and focuses mostly on children, and parents who can warn their children about electrical dangers.

Estonian Rescue Service safety camps "Protect Yourself and Help Others"

Since 2010, Elektrilevi employees have participated in county safety camps called "Protect Yourself and Help Others", where we teach children how to spot electrical hazards and what to do in dangerous situations. With the help of our experts we are able reach thousands of sixth graders across Estonia. During those camps, children are formed in groups and go through different safety points where they learn basic safety rules and compete in practical tasks.

Information campaigns in the media

Every year we organize electrical safety media campaigns with the aim of educating children about electrical hazards and how to avoid them. We also encourage parents to warn their children about electrical hazards.

We also provide information about this subject in children's magazines and on television programmes. For example, Electro Rabbit (Elektrijänes) has given advice in the magazines "Täheke", "Hea Laps" and other publications for years now. Tarmo Mere, the Chairman of the Management Board has been on the radio show "Children's Stories" (Laste lood) at Vikerraadio to answer children's questions about electricity and safety.

Listen to the radio show "Children's Stories" at Vikerraadio where we talk about electricity:
1st show »
2nd show »
3rd show »

Electro Rabbit teaches kindergarten children

For years, the famous Electro Rabbit has taught children, participated in public family and children events and visited kindergartens to help them solve safety tasks

Electro Rabbit's schedule is especially busy during spring and summer. Electro Rabbit will be working with Artis Cinema. We invite kindergarten children to the cinema, where they can watch films about electricity and where we can answer their questions. Teachers can bring teaching materials and tasks that they can then solve together with the children.

Electro Rabbit also visits the county safety events and other summer events organized by the Estonian Rescue Service to educate children.

Watch Electro Rabbit's cartoons about electrical safety:
Jänku-Juss meets Electrical Rabbit »
Juss know that wires are ver-rrry dangerous »
Jass and Electrical Rabbit »
Paper Rabbit folding instructions »

Learning materials help remember things better

It is important to remember new things in a playful manner. Elektrilevi's drawing book is part of Electro Rabbit's teaching kit and is published in co-operation with the online environment lastekas.ee. Children can test their knowledge about electrical safety with the help of this drawing book, which also includes stickers and playing cards. Electro Rabbit hands out the drawing books at various events, but they can also be found in bookshops.

We are currently working on a safety handbook with the Estonian Rescue Service, which is meant for parents whose children are starting school.

Drawing book introduction video »
Test your knowledge about electrical safety »

If you have any unanswered questions about electrical safety or if you wish to invite Electro Rabbit to an event, send us an email to ohutus@elektrilevi.ee.

We kindly ask you to take Electro Rabbit's busy schedule into account, which is why it might not always be possible to accept all invitations.