Come and join in with our electrical safety events!

The Electro Rabbit comes and meets children at summer events to talk about electrical safety, mainly at the safety days organised by the Estonian Rescue Board in county centres. Experts and professionals of all sorts are there to give top tips and safety advice to children and adults at these family events. Children can tackle challenges and play electrical safety games together with the Electro Rabbit, and the rabbit also gives advice at the safety mornings in Tallinn and Tartu cinemas, where children can also watch cartoons.

Get your child photographed with the Electro Rabbit

The Electro Rabbit comes to many of the safety days organised by the Estonian Rescue Board across Estonia. You can take a picture with the rabbit during the family days and download it later from the web.

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Teach your child the following safety instructions

  • Keep away from places that are marked with the electrical danger sign.
  • Do not play next to the power lines.
  • Do not mess with electrical devices, sockets or wires.
  • Do not use electrical devices with wet hands or near water.
  • Do not use water to put out fires in live electrical devices.
  • If there has been an electrical accident outdoors, do not approach any person who is still touching a live current, but call 112 instead.
  • Keep away from the fallen power lines as far as possible.
  • If a power line falls near you then move away from it by dragging your feet along without separating them or calmly jump on one leg or by holding your legs together. Do not walk or run away from the power line because this can cause step voltage.
  • Notify an adult if you see any open substations or switchboards.