Audit of an electrical installation

Electrical safety is our daily care and concern. Audited electrical systems are one of the pillars of electrical safety. Only accredited companies are allowed to perform an audit.

Order an audit

Electrical installation audits must be commissioned:

  • for a new building, this is a prerequisite for the conclusion of a network contract, obtaining of an authorisation for use;
  • a renovated or temporary electrical system with a higher than 35 A main fuse capacity;
  • at the end of the period of validity, e.g. every 5 or 10 years in the case of apartment buildings, depending on the time of construction;
  • for the deployment of solar power plants.

  • Regular audits of the electrical installation of an apartment building are only carried out for the common part of the installation. Electrical installation audits are not required for each individual apartment, with the exception of apartments that are a site of economic activity.

    Why should I order an audit of an electrical installation from Elektrilevi?

    All from one place

    In case of a new connection you will receive everything from the same place. This way you do not have to spend time looking for different service providers.

    Full service

    Accredited service provider. Audit with all the necessary measurements.
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    Quality assurance

    We are the largest network operator in Estonia, and electrical safety is our daily care and concern. The quality of work carried out by us can always be trusted.
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    Full service

    The authorised representative of Elektrilevi is Enefit Connect OÜ.

    As an inspection body, Enefit Connect OÜ holds certificate No. I060 of the Estonian Accreditation Centre and measuring laboratory certificate No. L275.

    Audits are carried out in accordance with the inspection body's guideline document P36 and the standards applicable at the time of construction, while measurements are carried out in accordance with EVS-HD 60364-6:2016, EVS-EN 62446-1:2016, EVS-EN 50522:2010, and the measuring laboratory's measurement methodology.

    Additional information can be found on the website of the Consumer Protection and Technical Regulatory Authority.

    Quality assurance

    The information obtained in the course of the electrical installation audit will be kept confidential and will not be disclosed to third parties without the client's permission, except in cases provided for by legislation, in other justified cases (incl. submission of information to the Estonian Consumer Protection and Technical Regulatory Authority and the Estonian Accreditation Centre), and in cases where the client has already disclosed the information.

    How much does an electrical installation audit cost?

    The cost of an electrical installation audit including electrical measurements depends on the type and size of the building/site.

    Plant capacity Ground-mounted solar power plant Roof-mounted solar power plant
    Pre-deployment audit (over 35 A) Electrical measurements (up to 35 A) Pre-deployment audit (over 35 A) Electrical measurements (up to 35 A)
    Up to 20 kW 264 € 216 € 312 € 258 €
    Up to 50 kW 336 € 288 € 408 € 348 €
    Up to 70 kW 408 € 360 € 480 € 432 €
    Up to 100 kW 480 € 432 € 576 € 516 €
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    Solar farms whose previous audit information is in the database of the Consumer Protection and Technical Regulatory Authority and whose main fuse is up to 35 A require only electrical measurements.

    Detached house (pre-deployment) Price
    Up to 100 m2 324 €
    Up to 200 m2 348 €
    Up to 300 m2 414 €
    Up to 500 m2 480 €
    Over 500 m2 Request a quote »
    Commercial and industrial buildings Request a quote »
    Apartment building (periodic) Price
    Up to 15 apartments 264 €
    Up to 50 apartments 336 €
    Up to 100 apartments 420 €
    Up to 100 apartments Request a quote »
    Apartment building (pre-deployment) Request a quote »

    NB! Follow-up audits of buildings are free of charge if the deficiencies are rectified within 1 month. After this period, the price of the follow-up audit is €180.

    Documents required for audits

    The list of requirements for carrying out an audit along with the information and documents that the customer needs to provide can be found HERE »

    In the absence of any documents or information, contact your electrical contractor.