Audit of an electrical installation

Electrical safety is our daily care and concern. Audited electrical systems are one of the pillars of electrical safety. Only accredited companies are allowed to perform an audit.

Order an audit

Audit is necessary when:

  • A new building has been built, as it is a prerequisite for signing a network contract and obtaining an authorisation to use the building
  • A new electrical system has been installed
  • A temporary electrical installation with a main fuse with a fuse rating over 35 A is being used
  • The period of validity of the audit has expired. In apartment houses that period is 5 or 10 years

  • An electrical installation of an apartment building will be audited as a whole. An audit is not required for each apartment in an apartment building, unless a company is registered at the address of an apartment.

    Why should I order an audit of an electrical installation from Elektrilevi?

    All from one place

    In case of a new connection you will receive everything from the same place. This way you do not have to spend time looking for different service providers

    Full service

    We are an accredited service provider and will conduct an audit with all the required measurements

    Quality assurance

    We are the largest network operator in Estonia, and electrical safety is our daily care and concern. The quality of work carried out by us can always be trusted

    How much does it cost?

    The price of an audit of an electrical installation and electrical measurements depends on the size of the building

    Private house Apartment house
    up to 150 м2 up to 15 apartments 288 €
    до 250 м2 up to 50 apartments 360 €
    до 350 м2 up to 100 apartments 432 €
    more than 350 м2 more than 100 apartments Ask for an offer »

    NB!A repeat audit (if the previous audit resulted in a qualified opinion) costs 25%–50% of the regular price. We can quote an exact price after receiving your order.

    Documents required for conducting an audit

    Please submit the following documents for conducting an audit:

  • As-built drawing or a drawing of the actual electrical system (may be hand-drawn)
  • The building's electrical design or electrical wiring diagram
  • A picture of the contents of the junction box (if possible)
  • Should you not have said documents, please contact the person carrying out your electrical work

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