Low-voltage maintenance service

A maintenance service includes the inspection and maintenance of electrical installations in the building to assure their safety. If your order the maintenance service from Elektrilevi, you can be sure that we will carry out all necessary maintenance-related activities.

Order the maintenance service

Why should I order a maintenance service from Elektrilevi?

  • We will draw up a maintenance schedule and maintain the necessary electrical documents
  • We will carry out regular visual and control measurements to avoid any discrepancies
  • We will carry out maintenance work according to the established schedule and make proposals for servicing electrical installations to assure smooth functioning of the building's electrical system
  • Maintenance services for a main fuse over 100 A

    For electrical installations with a main fuse over 100 A a person assuring compliance with requirements or a maintenance specialist must be appointed. For more information and a price quote you can contact your Elektrilevi's maintenance specialist or write us info@elektrilevi.ee.

    Before choosing a maintenance service provider we recommend to get your electrical installation inspected with a thermographic camera.

    Inspection of an electrical installation with a thermographic camera

    The inspection of an electrical installation is intended to check the equipment belonging to the customer (e.g. checking the reliability of the substation switchgear). Failures or even fires are often caused by weaknesses in the connections of cables, busbars, connectors, etc. The inspection with a thermographic camera helps to avoid and prevent damage that may arise from the non-conformity of the electrical connections for equipment.

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