Sealing is necessary when you want to do electrical work in the junction box that requires the seals to be removed from the equipment. The electrician who works with your electrical system will decide if the seals need to be removed and the power supply disconnected.

Sealing is necessary if you want to:

  • Replace the junction box in which the sealed equipment is located
  • Upgrade the contents of the junction box and connect a meter under the sealed cover
  • Replace the input cable of the building. As a rule, you have to order disconnection from the power network in order to replace the input cable.
  • If you discover that a seal is missing or damaged, please inform us at once.

    Always include an electrician when sealing
    Order sealing

    Which equipment must be sealed?

    Electrical equipment that belongs to Elektrilevi, such as meters and programme clocks, must always be sealed. This is the reason we always register all the seals we install and take a photograph of each sealed meter.  

    All access points to connections where the electricity is not being metered must be sealed, including:

  • Electricity meters
  • Metering transformers (voltage or current transformers)
  • Thermal fuses and circuit breakers
  • Rectangular cable covers and special sealable covers in unmetered circuits
  • How much does sealing cost?

    Sealing with the removal of the previous seal costs

    25.90 €

    Sealing after the installation of a junction box, main fuses and cables costs

    20.74 €