Coordinating construction projects

Construction project coordination is needed if the project crosses a protected zone of an electrical system or requires the electrical network to be relocated. Please submit the technical solution (construction project, plan) to Elektrilevi for approval before the building permit/notification procedure in the Building Register. When preparing a construction project, please follow the applicable laws, our technical inspection documents and the design task. See more: Elektrilevi requirements for design work and construction

Coordinating projects

Construction project coordination is needed if the planned buildings or communications:

  • Cross the protected zone of an electrical system, which is the land, airspace or water that surrounds an electrical system and where usage limitations apply to ensure the safety of the electrical system
  • Are located within the protected zone
  • Require a part of the electrical network (an overhead line, cable line, substation, etc) to be relocated. In such cases an application to rebuild the network is required, which can be submitted here. Then it must be submitted separately for approval
  • The data will be forwarded within 10 business days

    Submit an application

    How much does coordination cost?

    Small project

    20.94 €

    Medium project

    41.87 €

    Large project

    83.74 €

    Large-scale infrastructure project

    233.78 €

    Detailed plan


    Required documentation

    If the project does not meet the applicable requirements

    If it becomes evident during the procedure that the project does not meet the applicable requirements or the Elektrilevi terms and conditions, approval will be refused. The person submitting the project will have to eliminate any shortcomings in the project and re-submit it for approval in the e-service. Re-approval of the project is subject to a fee according to the effective price list.

    Additional information on coordination

    Street lighting in Tallinn

    Required documentation

    Submit the drawing in dwg and pdf format. When determining the size of a project, the complexity, scope of the working area, the density of electrical installations in the working area and time taken to process will be taken into account.

    Some examples

    Small project: project within one property, layout of a private house with utility networks, fencing.

    Medium project: the project covers 2-3 properties.

    Large project: road project with utility networks, development area utility networks plan.

    Large-scale project: development of district (settlement, district) utility networks, new utility lines and reconstruction of old utility networks.