Full street lighting service

Elektrilevi's full street lighting service includes renovation and maintenance of a lighting network on streets, in parks and in parking lots.

Generates savings since year one

  • Saves at least 50% on lighting fittings
  • Saves at least 50% on maintenance fees
  • Investment costs on a monthly fee basis in a period of 15 years
  • If necessary, we will install a control system with modern and smart auxiliary systems

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    What does full street lighting service mean?

    If you order the full street lighting service, Elektrilevi will make the first investment, and future payments will be made on a monthly fee basis in a period of 15 years. A regular high-quality maintenance service will be provided by Elektrilevi's experienced team.

  • We design and construct
  • We monitor the network
  • We maintain and clean
  • What does the service include?

    Description of full service BASIC STANDARD PREMIUM
    Maintenance 1 time per 5 years
    Network maintenance
    Network management
    Junction box based management
    Installation of LED lights
    Installation of new junction boxes
    Audit and measurement
    Partial network reconstruction
    Lighting fitting based management
    Full network reconstruction

    How much does it cost?

    The service cost depends on the condition of the existing network and the volume of work.
    See below a sample calculation for installing 800 new lightning points:

    The sample package includes:

  • 100 metal masts and 85 wood masts
  • Installation of 3200 m of underground cable and 9000 m of weather-proof overhead line
  • Installation of 800 eenergy-efficient LED lights
  • Network management and maintenance for 15 years.

  • 800 new light sources


  • Total investment cost 1.21 million euros
  • Yearly cost 80 666 €
  • Repayment period 15 years

  • Monthly payment 6722 €


  • Yearly energy savings by using new LED lights 31 000 €
  • Yearly savings on maintenance fees 5090 €

  • Total savings in 15 years
    541 355 €

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