Elektrilevi and W.EG. Eesti entered into a framework agreement for the supply of electrical materials in the amount of 44 million euros


The power grid company Elektrilevi has concluded a contract for up to five years term with W.EG. Eesti OÜ on the purchase and logistics pertaining to the materials and equipment necessary for operation of the electricity distribution network. The total amount of the contract concluded as a result of the state procurement is 43.9 million euros, the cooperation will begin on September 7.

"In terms of the total amount, this agreement is one of the largest in the history of Elektrilevi," said Jaanus Tiisvend, the Chairman of the Board of Elektrilevi. "The Elektrilevi power grid network has become rather diversed over the decades. First of all, its maintenance, but also the development of the network, requires hundreds of different types of electrical materials and equipment produced in Estonia, Europe or beyond the eastern border. "

The contract includes the equipment necessary for the construction, maintenance and repair of the power grid, this contract is concluded for a period of three years with the possibility of an extension for another two years.

W.EG. Eesti will render services to Elektrilevi through 11 branch units throughout Estonia, including four base depots. As a result of the the supply tender award, W.EG. Eesti will open several new service outlets and employ about 20 people.

Timo Raimla, the Chairman of the Board of W.EG. Eesti is confident that the company is ready to increase the volume of work. "We have full confidence from the whole Würth Group, and the fact of being a successful bidder shows that during our first year under the name of W.EG. Eesti, we made the right decisions in the direction of the enterprise development. We can state that Elektrilevi has received a reliable partner with a high-quality product portfolio. After all, this will ultimately have implications for the majority of Estonian residents. "

Elektrilevi serves 64 000 kilometers of transmission lines and 24 000 substations, being the largest distribution network company in Estonia. Elektrilevi delivers electricity from the main power supply equipment to homes and businesses in almost all of Estonia, with the exception of Läänemaa, Viimsi and Narva.

W.EG. Eesti is one of the largest companies on the Estonian electrical market, it was created last year upon the merger of Elektroskandia Baltics OÜ and Talger Elektrotehnika OÜ, which became a part of the Würth Group. The company's current turnover is approximately 25 million euros per year, and as a result of the above framework agreement it will increase to about 40 million euros. Within the five years perspective, the planned turnover of the company is about 50 million euros.

W.EG. EESTI OÜ - is a legal business name derived from the words Würth Elektrogrosshandel; the similar names are used by other Würth Group enterprises in the field of electrical products.

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