Elektrilevi will start servicing street and area lighting in Tartu


Today, Elektrilevi company and the town of Tartu have signed an agreement under which the Elektrilevi power grid enterprise will be involved in servicing the street and area lighting system of Tartu for the next five years. The enterprise is planning to use its Tallinn's successful practice in the student city.

The task of the Elektrilevi company - and of its partner - Empower AS consists in daily maintenance of the street and area lighting network of Tartu in working order, prompt repair of faults, development and management of the network in cooperation with the city authorities, as well as the engineering design of special lighting solutions. In addition, it involves installation and dismantling of complemental urban lighting during the Christmas holidays.

Mayor of Tartu Urmas Klaas (left) and Chairman of the Board of Elektrilevi Jaanus Tiisvend

"The power grid and the urban lighting network are very closely related to each other," said Taavo Randna, head of Product development and services division. "Therefore, for us, the management of the urban lighting network is a natural addition to a number of supplementary services of Elektrilevi. To date, we have been covering street and area lighting in Tallinn for two and a half years. We can say that we have gained a good experience in efficient management of the urban lighting network together with the power grid."

"We see that such integrated servicing of different infrastructures has a perspective. We can offer the client services at a more affordable price and better quality," Randna added.

According to Mayor of Tartu Urmas Klaas, a properly functioning and modern urban lighting system is very important for citizens. "In street and area lighting, we would like to see as many modern solutions as possible. We hope for fruitful cooperation with a new partner," the mayor added.

The city of Tartu has developed a successful geoinformation system, through which Elektrilevi receives a good overview of the Tartu urban lighting network, consisting of 12 900 lighting fixtures and 157 electrical control panels.

Elektrilevi will start executing a five-year service agreement from October 1. "We have an excellent dispatch center at our disposal, which manages the whole electricity grid of Tartu. Thus, we can monitor the state of urban lighting 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and rectify faults as quickly as in the electricity grid."

Since 1 October, the city residents can report about the malfunctions of urban lighting in Tartu directly to the Elektrilevi via a special telephone number 4655 666 or by sending an e-mail to It is still possible to report faults by calling the hotline of the town of Tartu by dialing 1789.

Elektrilevi is the largest power distribution network company in Estonia, managing approximately 64 000 kilometers of power lines and 24 000 substations. Elektrilevi transmits electricity from the bulk electric system to homes and businesses throughout Estonia, except for Läänemaa, Viimsi and Narva.

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