Elektrilevi wants to create an open communication market


Elektrilevi, the largest power supply network company in Estonia, wants to create an open communication market, so that it will be possible to build up opportunities for broadband connectivity in regions where Internet connection is still slow.

To develop the broadband coupling service, Elektrilevi plans to use the existing power grid infrastructure to which the fiber optic cable will be integrated. "By combining the costs of construction and management of various infrastructure faiclities, the society will receive significantly cheaper services as a result," said Chairman of the Board of Elektrilevi Jaanus Tiisvend. In his phrase, the synergy of unified management of street lighting and electricity supply brought a noticeable reduction in costs and improved quality of lighting services.

"We see that such a model of unified management would make it possible to provide a large number of Estonian homes with a broadband connection in a cost-effective and high-quality manner," he added.

Elektrilevi will not self-sell Internet services, it wants to build a communications network that all telecommunication enterprises can use. "By analogy with the distribution network through which about 20 electricity sellers sell electricity today, an open network would function in the same way when providing communication services," added Tiisvend.

In 2018, Elektrilevi plans to implement its pilot projects in different parts of Estonia with the purpose to test the construction and management of joint networks using various technical solutions and in different conditions. "We shall implement pilot projects in the regions of both dense and sparse population. As a result of testing, we will identify the best and most cost-effective solutions for different places, "said Taavo Randna, the head of the Product Development and Services Department.

Elektrilevi is the largest power distribution network company in Estonia, managing approximately 61 000 kilometers of power lines and 24 000 substations.

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