Elektrilevi – more than just electricity


Estonian electricity network is in constant development. Last year, there were a record low number of faults in Elektrilevi’s network, which shows that the electricity network is more stable than ever. However, the development of the electricity network is continuing in the direction, which opens up the potential of the network even more.

In other words, we are moving in a direction where a pole, wire and cable do not just mean bringing electricity to a home, but the electricity network serves as a basis to which it is reasonable to establish further various infrastructures and manage them together, and thereby create higher value to the society. By smartly doing all this, we definitely have the potential of leading the way in Estonia as well as elsewhere in the world.

Building a fast internet network

Elektrilevi, compared to other Estonian infrastructure companies, has the unique possibility of bringing fast internet practically to each spot in Estonia by using power lines for this purpose. The poles are already set up, pulling optical cables to the existing infrastructure is therefore cheaper and faster. This way we can establish stand-by for fast internet connection basically anywhere where electricity reaches. Surely it would be easier for our customers, when by joining the electricity network, a communications network is established at the same time as well.

In 2018, Elektrilevi is piloting the possibilities of establishing a communications network in small volume with pilot projects in various areas of Estonia. In case of success, we could start with building a large-scale fast internet network already in 2019. Different content service providers could then use the open communications network built for offering their services to customers.

Electricity everywhere – Elektrilevi Off-Grid

Joining the electricity network may be very expensive. Especially in a situation, where electricity is needed for a place where electricity has previously never been – for example to the magical deep woods of Estonia.

So that bringing electricity to such low density area would be cheaper and more reasonable, we have created Elektrilevi Off-Grid, which is a compact electricity solution based primarily on solar energy. This brings network-free electricity everywhere that it’s needed and its functioning is not influenced by weather phenomena like wind, thunder, etc., which endanger the classical electricity network. Elektrilevi Off-Grid or a low density station is meant for people that wish to live outside the usual electricity network area.

Off-Grid is a unique solution on our latitude, which covers the electricity consumption needs of a household all year round and establishing of which may be multiple times cheaper than building a new electricity network to a place of consumption. This applies both for the customer and the network company.

Exterior lighting in Estonian towns

Today Elektrilevi manages the exterior lighting network in Tallinn and Tartu. Moving to this field was a natural step, because Elektrilevi has broad experience in managing and maintaining infrastructures – after all we manage 93% of Estonian electricity network. Electricity and street lighting networks have many similarities – may it be organizing maintenance works, eliminating faults, planning or organizing construction works. Co-managing different very similar infrastructures is definitely a reasonable solution to all parties.

The future?

In addition to all this, Elektrilevi sees more fields where we can offer value to Estonians through co-managing infrastructures. Our plans are unique and innovative even in terms of the world. While in Europe, co-managing infrastructures is quite common, then we have the possibility of building the co-management up by means of fast-developing technology, and to do it more smartly and thereby be the trendsetter both in Estonia and in the whole wide world.

Jaanus Tiisvend
chairman of the board