Elektrilevi’s innovative smart network solution helps to prevent faults


Estonia’s largest network company Elektrilevi is developing an innovative smart network solution which helps to prevent power failures and make the functioning of the whole network more efficient.

“Today we get operative real-time information foremost about the condition of the medium voltage network thanks to contemporary technology located at substations,” said Elektrilevi service management unit leader Madis Männik.

“But the medium voltage monitoring shows the functioning of network components in a broader view. Low voltage network is what gives detailed perfection to the information. The remotely operated meters located by electricity consumers are the last link and smart network solution takes advantage of the possibilities of those,” he added.

In addition to the measurement data of electricity consumption, the remotely operated meters transfer yet hundreds of other signals, which describe the condition of the network. With the help of them it is possible, among other things, to localize network losses, detect faults already before the customer notices anything, solve faults faster, prevent potential accidents, even improve the investment process and make the whole network more efficient, since it is possible to get exact and comparable data from each spot of the network.

Elektrilevi’s smart network solution is at developmental stage, but the system is used already today in single situations for faster and more operative solving of customer problems.

“In the future, each customer of Elektrilevi will feel the influence of the smart network solution – through a more reliable network, where faults can be better prevented and power cuts will become shorter. The growth in the efficiency of the network means an opportunity to offer an even higher quality network service at the same price in turn,” Madis Männik added.

In the end of last year, Elektrilevi’s smart network solution received recognition from Estonian Association for Quality in the category of public sector innovation.