Elektrilevi is starting with establishing a fast internet network to Veskimetsa


Elektrilevi has started with the construction works for a fast internet network this week at Veskimetsa, Tallinn. With construction partner Corle, the first pilot project of joint works for an electricity and communications network is underway at Veskimetsa, during which a fast internet network will reach close to 500 households.

The works are combined with the renewal of the electricity network, which creates efficiency and cost savings in terms of both network services. The open fast internet network at Veskimetsa should be completed by the end of the first half of 2018, according to predictions.

“Veskimetsa is a very suitable location for the first pilot project of establishing a communications network, since it will give us a good overview about what are the specialties of constructing a fast internet network in a densely populated area, in conjunction with power works,” said Taavo Randna, the board member of Elektrilevi. “With the next pilot projects, we will try out establishing communications networks in different conditions, including in sparsely populated areas”.

One-time price for the customer for joining the fast internet network of Elektrilevi being established at Veskimetsa as a pilot project will be 240 euros. In the open network, service for registered consumers is going to be offered by communications operators based on their price lists. “We will establish the network and customers will buy internet service from a suitable communications operator,” Randna explained.

The company Corle, which will start constructing the fast internet network at Veskimetsa area, has previously built a joint electricity and communications network in Finland. “Joint construction of two networks requires co-operation between both electricity and communications network specialists for finding the most optimal engineering-technical solution. Also, chosen materials and installation technologies must fit together,” Priit Uuemaa, the board member of Corle pointed out the challenges, which electricity and communications network joint establishment poses.

The Veskimetsa fast internet network construction pilot project is part of Elektrilevi’s desire to establish an open communications market in Estonia, which uses the electricity infrastructure for delivering fast internet and by which all communications operators can offer their services. Elektrilevi is planning to pilot constructing open fast internet networks within 2018 in other areas of Estonia as well.

Elektrilevi is the largest distribution network company in Estonia and manages approximately 60,000 kilometres of power lines and 24,000 substations. In addition to that, Elektrilevi offers several over-the-counter market services, the largest of which currently is managing the street lighting of Tallinn and Tartu, where namely by joint utilization of infrastructure, the quality of street lighting and operational efficiency of repairing faults have increased, and management expenses have substantially decreased.

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