Elektrilevi acquires the recharging network of electric cars


Elektrilevi is preparing for the take-over of the infrastructure and the smooth continuation of the service, in order to start with the management of the recharging network from 1st September. The service will continue under the name ELMO, and the use of the recharging network will function in the same form, for the time being. This year, Elektrilevi will deal with the take-over of the operation of the service, and later on, the development of the infrastructure will be in focus.

“Our goal is to contribute to the development of electric transport by making the recharging service of electric cars more convenient for the customer, as well as by taking into consideration the efficient functioning of the network,” said Taavo Randna, the member of the board of Elektrilevi. “The recharging network is essentially part of the power grid - its development, load management and selection of locations presumes tight cooperation with the planning of the network. In the future, we will need a significantly faster recharging service, as well as a convenient solution to different charging plugs. In addition, the number of charging stations will grow together with the number of electric cars,” Randna described the trends, to which Elektrilevi is going to focus on in the development of the recharging network.

He added that by means of the joint management of different infrastructures, Elektrilevi will be able to act more cost-effectively in the charging network of electric cars. “The co-management of several networks is beneficial for both the existing and new infrastructures. So far, we have seen synergy and cost savings in the co-management of the power grid, street lighting and fast internet network,” said Randna.

“The state has been paying for the unprofitability of the charging service of electric cars in Estonia until now. Elektrilevi sees that with a cost-effective management and the joint management of infrastructures, it is possible to make ELMO profitable. A growth in the number of electric cars and good co-operation between various parties are the basis of that goal. An increase in the competitiveness of the infrastructure goes hand in hand with the service becoming more convenient for the customer,” Randna said, and added that according to Elektrilevi’s expectations, every third new car in Estonia in ten years should be an electric car.

Elektrilevi acquires 168 charging devices, ELMO’s web domain and the right of use of the trade mark with the transaction. The cost of the transaction is 350,000 euros.

Elektrilevi is the largest distribution network company in Estonia, managing approximately 60,000 kilometres of power lines and 24,000 substations. In addition, Elektrilevi provides several over-the-counter services, the biggest of which being the management of the street lighting in Tallinn and Tartu, and the establishment of the fast Estonia-wide internet network.

Tuuli Sokmann
Head of Communications and Marketing
Tel: 5122 562