Elektrilevi procures 7.2 million euros worth of medium voltage cables


Elektrilevi has concluded a contract with W.EG. Eesti OÜ, from which they will acquire medium voltage cables in the value of 7.2 million euros within the next three years. Elektrilevi wishes to transform 75% of the entire network weatherproof by 2025, which will significantly increase the reliability of the power grid.

“In the renewal of the network, we initially put the main emphasis on moving low voltage networks to aerial cables - it enabled to reduce weather-related faults in scarcely populated areas quite fast all over Estonia,” Rasmus Armas, the head of Elektrilevi's asset management, explained and added that in the past five years, the number of network failures has decreased two times.

“Now it’s time for bigger lines - the medium voltage network - where currently there are still approximately 15,000 kilometres of bare-wire lines all over Estonia that need to be replaced,” Armas said.

Today, 64% of the entire network of Elektrilevi is weather resistant, i.e. in ground or aerial cables, which compared to bare-wire lines is significantly more durable against various weather phenomena such as heavy winds, excessive humidity or a snow storm. Elektrilevi wants to raise the share of the weather-proof network to 75% by 2025.

W.EG. Eesti signed the contract with Elektrilevi after having won the public procurement. The duration of the contract is two years and it can be extended by up to one year. The task of W.EG. Eesti is also to store and deliver the cables throughout the contract period.

Elektrilevi is the largest distribution network company in Estonia and manages approximately 60,000 kilometres of power lines and 24,000 substations. W.EG. Eesti OÜ, who belongs to the German family-owned WÜRTH GROUP with global reach, is the leading wholesaler of electrical materials in Estonia.

Peeter Liik
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