12 different operators will offer Internet and TV services in the high speed internet network of Elektrilevi


Internet and TV services in the open high-speed internet network owned by Elektrilevi. At least two different operators, in some regions up to six different operators will be offering the service in each region.

“One of the main expectations to an open, operator-neutral high-speed Internet network was that the customer had a choice between different service providers. Today we can say for sure that this will be the case, ”said Jaanus Tiisvend, Chairman of Board of Elektrilevi.

Operators connected to Elektrilevi's high-speed internet network can decide for themselves in which areas they will start providing their service. In areas where the construction of a high-speed Internet network will start this year, will be an average of two to six different service providers. For a more detailed overview of the operators who will start providing the service in specific areas Elektrilevi fast internet homepage.

“Many people probably do not know that we have 12 different communications operators in Estonia. In fact, there are even more. We have mapped 36 different communications service operators in Estonia. In principle, they would all be able to start offering their services on the high-speed internet network of Elektrilevi very easily, as well as possible new ones,” Tiisvend said.

“In such a competition between operators, the customer is the biggest winner. It can be assumed that the quality of the service will develop for the customer and the price will become more favourable,” he added. "We saw this in our pilot area in Veskimetsa, Tallinn, where we built high-speed Internet network for about 600 potential users.”

The one-time fee for connecting to the high-speed internet network of Elektrilevi will be € 199. It should also be taken into account that Elektrilevi will bring the communications network to the façade of the house, in rare cases, if the technical obstacles or the home-owner do not want to bring it to the wall, the network will be brought to the border of the property. Bringing the cable into the room could mean additional costs if the user does not prepare the place himself where the cable will be brought into the room.

Elektrilevi will start building a high-speed internet network in the first regions in second half of June. “We offer the opportunity to join when the construction activity begins in the area. Then we can guarantee that the connection will be completed within six months. We will notify all households personally by letter when we have opened the possibility of joining in the region,” said Tiisvend.

Elektrilevi wants to build a high-speed Internet network for 200,000 homes or companies that do not have a high-quality Internet connection today within five years. More information can be found at Elektrilevi homepage.

Elektrilevi is the largest network operator in Estonia, managing approximately 60,000 kilometers of power lines and 24,000 substations and building a fast Internet network covering the whole Estonia. In addition, Elektrilevi operates a street lighting network in Tallinn and Tartu and is developing a modern electric car charging network.