Elektrilevi is launching new multi-tariff packages and changing the network fee


Elektrilevi will introduce new network packages to customers from March 2022. These make it possible to reduce electricity bills by shifting consumption to cheaper periods. In addition, Elektrilevi will change the network fee tariff by an average of three percent from 1 March 2022, mainly due to a major increase in electricity prices.

Multi-tariff packages and more flexible pricing of network services are part of Elektrilevi's strategy to support the green revolution. If consumption in the network is low, the network fee will be cheaper (e.g. at night, in summer, on weekends). If consumption in the power network is high (e.g. in winter weekday mornings and evenings and in weekend evenings), the price will be higher. A more favourable tariff will also apply to public holidays. The night-time tariff period will be extended by one hour on weekdays, going to be between 22:00 and 07:00.

The new network packages will take effect from March 2022. “We will make package exchanges as easy as possible for customers,” said Mihkel Härm, CEO of Elektrilevi. “From February, Elektrilevi's customers will be able to see which package we recommend to them based on their current consumption. It will be possible to conveniently change the package right there.” Elektrilevi's customers will receive a personal notification about the new packages.

In addition, Elektrilevi will change the network fee tariff by an average of three percent from 1 March 2022. This is largely due to the sharp rise in electricity prices. The power network needs electricity to operate, and this cost has increased by 61 percent for Elektrilevi.

“Input prices have increased by half, but we have been able to avoid a larger increase in network charges by consistently organizing and digitizing Elektrilevi's operations,” Härm emphasized.

According to him, Elektrilevi has been able to increase the quality of network services with improved efficiency year by year. The number of failures in the power network has fallen by a third over the last five years. At the same time, 8,600 kilometers of weatherproof ‘network have been added. “We have been able to connect a record number of customers to the grid. Over five years, the annual number of subscribers to the power network has doubled,” Härm added.

The price of network services last increased in 2013. Since then, the network tariff has dropped a total of 20 percent in four occasions, most recently in 2019. This is despite the general rise in the cost of living. The consumer price index (CPI) has increased by 18 percent over the same period.

Elektrilevi is the largest network company in Estonia, managing approximately 63,000 kilometres of power lines and 25,300 substations. The company has over 533,000 customers.