In 2021, Elektrilevi constructed a 1,000 kilometers of weatherproof electricity network


Elektrilevi built an additional 1,000 kilometers of weatherproof electricity network in 2021, which is why a high-quality and fail-safe network is now guaranteed to nearly 420,000 customers. In ten years, the number of failures has reduced almost threefold. The web application MARU and the online map of available production capacities for the construction of solar stations were completed as innovations.

“By investing in the reliability of the network, we ensure the continuity and safety of network operation and improve the quality of electricity supply for customers. This is mainly through increasing the share of the weatherproof network and upgrading and automating the substations,” said Mihkel Härm.

Low voltage network composition

Figure: Low voltage network composition

Basically, more than 1,000 kilometers of older bare-wire overhead lines were replaced by weatherproof overhead or underground cables of both low and medium voltages. “The use of overhead cables and the automation of substations are the most effective solutions for increasing the reliability of the network," said Mihkel Härm.

"Over the last 10 years, we have improved weather resistance, especially in the low-voltage network, by replacing bare wires."

The volume of the weatherproof network in Elektrilevi's entire distribution network is 72% at the end of 2021, compared to 43% that was 10 years ago. In the low-voltage network, weather resistance has increased even more in ten years - from 54% (2011) to 93% (2021). Thus, the number of failures in the network has decreased almost three times (from 28,709 failures to 11,998 failures). 89% of customers in the weatherproof network experienced only one or no failure last year.


Elektrilevi is the largest network company in Estonia, managing approximately 63 000 kilometres of power lines and 25 300 substations. The company has 533,000 customers.