The number of producers joining the electricity grid has increased fivefold


In 2021, Elektrilevi invested a total of 95 million euros in connecting to the electricity network and increasing reliability. If in 2018 there were still less than 2,000 electricity producers, by the end of 2021 more than 10,000 electricity producers have already joined the network.

"Last year, investments related to connections were the largest ever, which is related to the general economic activity on the one hand, but also to the connection of many new electricity producers, such as solar parks, to the distribution network," said Mihkel Härm, CEO of Elektrilevi.

Last year, Elektrilevi completed connections to 2,565 electricity producers, which added 292 MW of additional production capacity to the electricity network. Of these, 54% were micro-generators, ie plants typically built at home with a capacity of up to 15 kW, with a network connection completion period of 20 days on average. "The added production capacity exceeds the capacity of the Auvere power plant," Mihkel Härm brought an example.

In 2021, Elektrilevi's new web application MARU was launched, where consumers can quickly and easily share urgent fault information with Elektrilevi. For example, if there is a power outage at the place of consumption or a dangerous electrical situation has been noticed.

"The MARU web application is well received by consumers," said Mihkel Härm. "It was seen especially good during the storm at the end of October. While the map has up to a few hundred sessions and users every day, it was used more than 5,000 times during the storm. Failure information is also successfully provided from it, that reduces the load on the support hotline. The application is also used to view up-to-date failure information - where failures occur and what is the estimated time to fix them."

Failure messages received via MARU

Failure messages received via MARU

Last year, Elektrilevi completed a free capacity web map, that for the first time enables all those interested to see where it is possible to efficiently build more renewable energy production capacities, such as solar power plants. You can get acquainted with the map application here:

This year, it is still a priority to improve the reliability of the electricity network even further - we will increase the weather resistance of the network and upgrade the substations. There will be additional investments related to connections and our own investments to increase the capacity of the network so that new electricity producers can continue to join the network.