On 1 March, the hours of applicability of the cheaper nighttime rate will be extended for Elektrilevi’s customers and new network packages will be introduced


A network service contract and an electricity contract are two different things. A network contract is needed in order to be able to consume electricity on a daily basis. This is where Elektrilevi plays an important role, supplying points of consumption with electricity and making sure that any breakdowns are properly dealt with.

When concluding an electricity contract, customers are free to choose their electricity supplier, package, and pricing method. For example, when concluding an electricity contract, you can choose whether the contract will be an exchange-price contract or a contract with a fixed price for a defined period.

Starting from March, Elektrilevi’s selection of network packages will be expanded with new four-tariff packages, which offer greater flexibility. These new packages will give customers more opportunities to shift their electricity consumption to periods when more affordable rates apply. This will enable consumers to manage their electricity consumption in a more deliberate manner in order to reduce network service costs. When choosing a new package, the first thing you should consider is when and how much you normally consume electricity. The choice of network package should be made based on these consumption habits. In Elektrilevi’s self-service environment, customers can also find out which package would be the cheapest for them based on their previous consumption levels. Elektrilevi will indicate the most affordable package accordingly, although customers are, of course, free to make their own choice.

The biggest change concerns the nighttime transmission rate. Customers will be thrilled to hear that the hours of applicability of the cheaper transmission rate will be extended by one hour on weekdays and will now apply from 22:00 to 7:00 all year round. In addition, the cheaper transmission rate will also apply 24 hours a day on public holidays.

The basic-tariff package ‘Võrk 3’ will be discontinued and all current users of this package will be switched over to the ‘Võrk 4’ package, which includes a monthly fee as well as daytime and nighttime transmission rates.

A new package, ‘Võrk 5’, will be introduced, which will include four different kilowatt-hour rates based on the consumption load on the grid. When consumption levels across the grid are low, the kWh rate will also be low (e.g., at night, in the summer, on weekends). When consumption levels across the grid are high (e.g., in the winter during morning and evening hours on weekdays and during evening hours on weekends), the kWh rate will be higher.

The new ‘Võrk 5’ package is suitable for medium or slightly above medium consumption levels (e.g., 1,500–3,000 kWh per year in an apartment; 3,500–11,000 kWh per year in a detached house with a 25 A main fuse) where electricity is mostly consumed during periods when grid loads are lower or where the customer is able to shift their consumption to such periods. The package includes a monthly fee.

‘The aim of the changes to the packages is to offer solutions that are more flexible, more personalised, and more affordable to customers – solutions that are based on their personal consumption habits. We wish to invite customers to consume electricity intelligently. These changes will primarily benefit those who are able to manage their consumption so that it falls on periods when grid loads are lowest,’ explained Tõnu Roosve, product manager for network services at Elektrilevi.

Network package changes do not affect electricity contracts. If you have any questions or requests regarding changes to your electricity contract, please contact your electricity supplier. For a full list of electricity suppliers see: Electricity market – Elektrilevi.

The reimbursement of 50% of the network charges by the state, which will continue in March, will also apply to the new network charges.

The easiest way you can find out whether your network contract is the most suitable option for you, conclude a new contract, terminate an existing one, or change your price package is by going to: Network contracts and packages – Elektrilevi.

For more detailed information from Elektrilevi, see: Network contract – Elektrilevi.

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