Elektrilevi’s MARU application reached 100,000 total visits during the last storm


The storm that started on Friday strongly affected Elektrilevi’s customers in Pärnu County, Jõgeva County, Rapla County, and Lääne-Viru County. As of today, electricity supply has been restored for 56,000 customers.

According to Hardi Puusepp, lead specialist at Elektrilevi’s control centre, as many as 29 brigades were deployed to eliminate faults in some areas, with drones also utilised. ‘The brigades worked both day and night, and today we can say that only a handful of outages have yet to be resolved. As a result of our continued calls for customers to report their power outages via Elektrilevi’s MARU application, the application reached a milestone of 100,000 total visits and 50,000 users. This surge of users shows that the public have embraced the application and have witnessed for themselves that it offers the fastest channel for the exchange of information between customers and Elektrilevi,’ Puusepp added.

MARU is a web application that enables users to share urgent information about faults easily and conveniently, including about electrical hazards and power outages at points of consumption. Using the application allows users to avoid call queues, which are often quite long during storms. MARU is in continuous contact with the control centre, ensuring that information flows as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Thanks to MARU, the exchange of information between customers and Elektrilevi has accelerated considerably, which in turn has enabled the control centre to have an even better overview of the general condition of the grid during critical storm days. This provides an excellent foundation for making informed fault rectification decisions. The more accurate the information, the greater the likelihood that the best possible solutions are employed, both in terms of the efficiency of the rectification of faults as well as electrical safety, so that damaged lines are never live for an unreasonably long period and are prevented from posing a threat to human life.

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