Estonia’s best distribution network electricians of 2022 come from E-Service AS


On Thursday, 19 May, a professional competition for distribution network electricians was held on Elektrilevi’s training field (at Kivikülvi 11 in Tallinn). The competition was organised by Elektrilevi OÜ in collaboration with the Estonian Association of Electrical Enterprises.

The competing teams included: AS Connecto Eesti, E-Service AS, Pluvo Eesti OÜ, Leonhard Weiss OÜ, Enersense AS, and Terasteenus OÜ.

For the second year in a row, the competition was won (at 368 points) by the team of E-Service AS, comprising Tauno Laurson and Martin Vodi. Terasteenus OÜ came in second with 349 points and Leonhard Weiss OÜ came in third with 348 points.

‘We felt most confident in the challenges related to safety equipment, as this is an area we deal with on a daily basis. The same goes for the meter replacement stage. The most difficult challenge for us was the splicing of the overhead power line, because we don’t really do that too often. However, all of the stages seen in the competition are highly relevant in the daily work of an electrician,’ winners Laurson and Vodi said about the intense day of the contest.

‘As regards the future of the profession of an electrician, it is unlikely to change by much over time, as the lines and the nature of the work will always be the same. However, the work will probably become easier and safer thanks to new tools and the increasing durability of lines. The most positive thing about this profession is undoubtedly the fact that it is essential for society, plus you get to spend your working days in the fresh air and beautiful natural landscapes of Estonia,’ the winning team added.

Kaarel Jänes, CEO of the Estonian Association of Electrical Enterprises, stated the following: ‘It was wonderful to witness such a tight and high-level competition. All of the teams did great – hats off to them, and congratulations to the winners! Hopefully we’ll see even more teams and spectators next year, the potential for that is certainly there.’

The head referee Andres Tõnissaar from Enefit Connect OÜ summarised the competition as follows: ‘At all stages of practical work, we checked that the necessary tools and protective equipment were made ready at the workplace. Where protective equipment was insufficient, the work could not be commenced before the insufficiencies were eliminated. Safety is absolutely critical in our field, and we pay more and more attention to it every year. It is good to see that the contestants themselves, too, have begun to value safety more and more. I can safely say that the level of our electricians is very high and the profession is still esteemed.’

The competition consisted of the following stages:
  • Safety instructions for the operation of electrical installations, examination of knowledge of occupational safety and first said
  • Replacement of a faulty direct meter
  • Replacement of an outdoor light on a low-voltage overhead power line tower
  • Preparation and connection of low-voltage cabling to substation switchgear
  • Bracing of a wooden tower and replacement of isolator on a 10 kV tower
  • Splicing and installation of an insulated overhead power line
  • Reconditioning of low-voltage cable connections in the switchgear of a 10/0.4 kV substation
  • Pictured: winning team of E-Service AS. From left to right: Martin Vodi and Tauno Laurson. Photographer: Karl-Erik Kumm.

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