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Elektrilevi's new price lists enter into force on 1 August

Elektrilevi's new network service price lists, approved by the Competition Authority on 13 April, will enter into force on 1 August 2012.

The price of the network service is adjusted annually to fall in line with actual costs and for the network operator to be continuously able to invest the agreed amounts. The price is adjusted in accordance with a formula provided by the Competition Authority to take into account changes in the consumer price index, sales volumes, costs that the network operator cannot control and the agreed investment amounts.

The three-year regulation period that determines the amount of investments to be made by Elektrilevi and the consequent regular tariff adjustments commenced on 1 August last year, so the annual tariff adjustment will be made on 1 August in the following years.

The price adjustment this year will increase the network fee by an average of 0.15 cents per kWh after 1 August. The adjustment will increase the monthly electricity bill of the average user of the Home 1 package, which is the most popular, by 2.6% or 67 cents.

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Customers that have received monthly forecast bills during the last period but would like to pay for their actual electricity consumption according to the previous price list up until 31 July should submit their electricity readings no later than 3 August.