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Analyses and studies

  • Analyses in cooperation with academic institutions
  • Applied research with regard to the distribution network

The electricity distribution network is a vital services infrastructure, and the investments in it are considerable and are for decades to come. The planning of the network is influenced by the rapid development of technology, changes in electricity production and consumption patterns, and economic and demographic trends. To make good decisions, it is increasingly important to involve research and development, as pointed out by the European electricity industry union Eurelectric in its recommendations, a brief summary of which is provided in this newsletter.

Elektrilevi began to cooperate more systematically with research institutions in the first half of the 2000s, when it identified the most critical asset groups for value creation in the distribution network together with the Lappeenranta University in Finland. Later, Tallinn University of Technology conducted a series of studies on certain aspects of asset insurance, and with the help of the University of Tartu, a management standard for asset-related projects was developed.

Elektrilevi also cooperates with academic institutions by attracting trainees, and where possible, provides the information necessary for preparing energy-related dissertations. We also publish final reports on commissioned applied research and analyses.

Research and analyses ordered by Elektrilevi:

Objectives, implementation methods and selection criteria for network investments in Elektrilevi rural service areas (pdf) »

Elektrilevi supply security indicators and change factors upon transition to a cable network (pdf) »

Analysis of the impact on supply security of single and double sided supply of electrical installations for customers of the power grid (pdf) »

Budget distribution analysis (pdf) »

Analysis of the relationship between defects and faults (pdf) »

Risk-based calculation and analysis of investments by asset class (pdf) »

Analysis of investment budget for quality target SAIDItotal 90 by 2030 »

SAIDItotal 90 min 2030 research and development work report, terms (pdf) »

Analysis of distribution network balanced reliability level on the basis of total society production in Estonia (pdf) »