Available energy

Our network includes regional substations that have unused capacity. This is new connections in the service areas of these substations would not require expensive construction work as no extensive capacity changes are required from the transmission system operator Elering.

Faster and cheaper

Connections may be considerably cheaper and faster for your energy-intensive business projects. The Elektrilevi map application below provides information on where there are substations with unused capacity. The current status of unused capacity depends on the connection applications received, which is why you have to submit a connection application to find out the exact connection fee and the estimated time it would take to make the connection for a particular property.

You can submit a connection application
via our e-service.
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Available capacities in substations

Clicking on the substation's symbol will open an information window with its name and unused capacity. The unused capacities displayed in the map application are informative.

Elering's interactive map application

The transmission system operator Elering has also developed an interactive map application that shows available connection capacities at transmission system substations. As Elektrilevi's connection points within the transmission system are located at the same substations, Elektrilevi and Elering map applications both show the same substations.

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Elering's interactive map application

Any differences between the resources shown on the Elering and Elektrilevi maps are due to the fact that Elering's map shows available capacities at 110 kV that apply to customers who are joining the transmission system and need a new network connection.

Eleketrilevi's map shows the available capacity on the low voltage side of the substation (at 6, 10, 15 or 20 kV depending on the substation) and takes into account the network contract with the transmission network, the capacity of the substation's equipment, and the network and connection contracts signed with existing customers.

If the customer connecting to the transmission network wants access to higher capacity than that displayed on the map, then the actual work volume and time cost required for connection will be determined in the process of preparing a connection offer.