The information exchange platform is a digital environment where you can change your supplier, submit meter readings and where all market participants can comply with the requirements of the law and grant the necessary rights to each other.

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Interruption of an open supply contract

Article 62 of the Network Regulation states that the network operator must post the standard conditions about interruptions to an open supply contract on its website.

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Eesti Energia sells electricity in the Elektrilevi network area according to the standard conditions of the interruption to open supply contract to business customers with a main fuse rating above 63A, who consume electricity but who do not have a valid contract. Those standard conditions do not apply to small-scale consumers such as apartment owners' associations, apartment owners' unions, residential customers or business customers whose electrical installation is connected to the low voltage network with a main fuse of up to 63A.

Universal service

The universal service will be provided to small-scale consumers who have not signed an electricity contract with any of the electricity sellers. The seller appointed by the network operator will provide the universal service.

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Electricity seller appointed by the network operator Elektrilevi OÜ

Eesti Energia AS is the appointed electricity seller in the service area of the network operator Elektrilevi. Eesti Energia AS provides the universal service and sells electricity during any interruption to an open supply contract.

Sales of electricity in isolated networks

Conditions for producing, purchasing and selling electricity in the isolated networks of our service area, which are not connected to electricity systems – the islands of Prangli and Ruhnu

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