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Various types of renovation may be needed for an external electrical network on your property:

  • Relocation of an electrical network
    Changing the location of an electrical network on your property for an overhead line, underground cable or substation, or replacing an overhead line passing through the property with an underground cable.

  • Relocation of a junction box
    It is possible to change the location of a junction box, for example if it is in the way of a new gate. We will agree on a new location during the work.

  • Relocation of a connection point
    If the main fuse and the meter of your building are located inside the building and the connection point is located in the overhead line mast, on the building wall or on the roof then you can request relocation of the connection point. In this case we will install a new connection point with a meter and a main fuse on the border of the property and we can also replace an overhead line with an underground cable. This service can be necessary if an old house is being demolished and a new one built where the main fuse with the meter is in the old building.

In some cases you may organize the design and construction of the electricity network yourself. In that case you will need to conclude a three-way agreement between Elektrilevi, yourself and a qualified company (selected by you) that will perform the electrical works. More about three-way agreements »

How much does it cost?

A quote for changing the location of a junction box and a conection point is prepared free of charge.

Preparation of a quote for the relocation of an electricity network is a paid service. The fees are as follows:

  • Small jobs – 93.04 incl. VAT
    This is the price for the replacement of an overhead line with an underground cable in the vicinity of electricity poles.
  • Large jobs – 232.60 incl.VAT
    This is the price for the large scale relocation of an electricity network.

Along with the quote, technical inspection documents are always drafted for the relocation of an electricity network.

Works performed and materials supplied by us will be charged based on real expenses as set out in the quote.

How to order?

You can send your request by e-mail to You can also send your request by post to Elektrilevi OÜ, Kadaka tee 63, 12915 Tallinn.

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