Esitan küsimuse

Fast internet network

  • fast internet readiness
  • the option to choose your service provider
  • up tp 1 Gbit/s

Applications receiving has ended

The Veskimetsa area is the first in Estonia where we are testing the combined construction and management of electrical and telecommunications networks. A comprehensive list of addresses that can be connected to the Elektrilevi telecommunication network.

Elektrilevi will start building an internet network for internet and television services requiring a fast connection. The new fibre optic cable connection is high quality and does not depend on the weather, coverage or other users in the area.

The one-off connection fee of € 240 covers the construction of the network to your house. To use the internet and television services, you will have to sign a contract with a service provider based on their price list.

  • What does the establishment of a fast internet network entail?

  • Connecting to Elektrilevi's network

  • Selecting a service provider

This is a free market service, in the provision of which Elektrilevi competes with all other providers of the same service.