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Issuing network location data

  • You need electricity network data for a construction project
  • You need information about the cables on your property

To receive electricity network location data, please submit an application in our e-service. Enclose with the application a basic plan drawing of the site with the data area outlined (DWG format, L-Est coordinate system). Authorised persons have to enclose their authorisation if applying for the data for the first time.

As location data, we will issue an extract from our electricity network database and also digital as-built drawings, if available. The extract will be submitted within 10 business days to the address entered in the application.

Geodetic basic plans are not separately coordinated; the location of the electricity network is later checked in the course of project coordination.

Issuing network location data costs 18 euros (price without VAT 15 euros).

If the area that the data concerns is larger than 3 ha or if it takes more than 2 hours of working time to collect and communicate the data, the price of the service is 60 euros plus VAT. The service is free of charge if the applicant is the owner or legitimate user of the relevant land. Please submit an extract from the land register to prove your ownership.

We will respond to applications within 10 days. If you need more information about issuing data, please call 715 4600 in the northern region or 715 4500 in the southern region, or e-mail: