A network contract

  • is needed for daily consumption of electricity
  • is signed when a new house has been connected to the electricity network
  • is required if you have no contract or you move to a new home

Why is a network contract needed?

You need a network contract so you can consume electricity on a daily basis. Under a signed contract, we supply electricity to the consumption point. In a network contract, we agree on the conditions for the electricity supply, the price package of the network service and contact details for providing information like notifications about scheduled outages.

A network contract has to be signed when you buy an apartment or a house and it has to be terminated when you sell your apartment or house. When you move in, the previous consumer at that address has to terminate their contract and you have to sign a new network contract.

  • Signing a network contract

    Signing a network contract is very easy and you can do it in our e-service. If the previous owner has applied to terminate their network contract, you should sign a new network contract within 30 days of the application of the previous owner in order not to disrupt the power supply.

  • Terminating a network contract

    A network contract can easily be terminated in our e-service. You can terminate a contract at any time by providing at least 30 days' notice.

  • Price packages

    When signing a network contract, you have to select a price package.