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Connection contract
If you need electricity in a place which has never been connected before you need to submit a connection application. There is a fee for signing a connection contract. Read more about connecting »

Network services contract
Places of consumption are normally already connected to the electricity network. You need to sign a network services contract with us first before we can supply electricity to your place of consumption. The new consumer has to sign a network services contract first, as the power might be turned off when the consumers change. There is no charge for signing a network services contract. Read more about the network services contract »

Electricity contract
In the open market we recommend you sign an electricity contract with a freely chosen electricity seller in addition to the network services contract. The electricity contract and the network service contract are two separate contracts signed with different companies. If you do not sign an electricity contract you will automatically buy electricity as a universal service or buy balancing electricity, which may not be the most advantageous solution available.

When do I need to sign, change or terminate a network services contract?

You must sign a network services contract when you are buying an apartment or a house and terminate the contract when you sell your home. If you move house, then the previous consumer must terminate their current contract and the new consumer must sign a new network services contract.

We will change your network services contract when you switch to a different network package or when your electricity consumption conditions change; for example, if you increase or reduce the amperage of your main fuse, change to a three-phase connection or change your power system, or if the connection point at your place of consumption is relocated.

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Network services contracts for apartment buildings

Network services contracts for apartment buildings can be signed by each apartment separately or for a whole building jointly through a building association or similar. If the network services contract is signed by each apartment separately, then each apartment can also sign a separate electricity contract with an electricity seller. If the network services contract is signed for the whole building, then the building association will pay for the network services and electricity and divide the bill between apartments as arranged. If apartment owners in this type of apartment building would like to pay their bills directly, then they need to initiate a transfer from a joint purchase agreement to individual purchase agreements.