Your network services contract will be terminated if:

  • the new consumer (e.g. after an apartment has been sold) has signed a network services contract with us. If the new owner has not signed a network services contract with us then your contract will be terminated after 30 days have passed from when you submitted the application to terminate the contract. When the contract is terminated this way, then the power at the place of consumption is also switched off;
  • the network services contract will be terminated within 30 days of submission of the application to terminate the network services contract by switching off the power.

You have to submit your meter readings if you want to terminate your network services contract. The easiest way to submit those readings is to do it in our e-service by submitting an application to terminate a contract. You can also register your readings by filling in the application form for signing and/or terminating a network services contract and sending it to us.

The contract is terminated with the readings that apply at the moment of termination. Usually, these are the registered transfer readings or the readings submitted when the contract is terminated. If different readings have been submitted after the application has been submitted, or if our electrician has registered the confirmed readings, then the contract will be terminated using the latest readings. You do not have to submit your readings if you use remote reading because we will register your readings at the moment of termination.

The termination of the network services contract also terminates your electricity contract at the place of consumption. You do not need to terminate your electricity contract separately. Please note that our business customers might have to pay extra fees for terminating the electricity contract early.

Terminating a contract in the e-service
The easiest way to change to another package is to use e-service. To do so, go to the list of contracts and choose the contract you want to end; you will see the "Terminate" button in the detailed view of information about the contract. You must use your ID card or mobile ID to log into our e-service.
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Other options for terminating a contract
If it is not convenient to terminate your contract in our e-service, you can also do it in writing. To terminate the contract, you will need to submit a termination application in writing using our template or in your own words. You may submit a contract termination application:

  • by email to;
  • by phone +372 777 1545;
  • by post to Kadaka tee 63, 12915 Tallinn or by fax to +372 715 1114.

Please bring with you the following documents when you come to the customer service branch:

  • your identity document;
  • a letter of authorisation if you are representing someone else;
  • an application to terminate the network services contract, which you can also fill in at the customer service centre.

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