Signing a network services contract in the e-service
The simplest way to sign a network services contract is through our e-service.
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You can also apply by phone, email or at Elektrilevi customer service branches
By calling our customer service line 777 1545 you may inform us about your wish to conclude a contract. In order to conclude a contract by email, fill in the application form, sign it digitally and email it to If you can't sign your application digitally, please attach a copy of your ID to the application. If you wish to sign the contract at our customer service branch, please bring an identity document, a letter of authorisation if you are coming on someone else's behalf, and an application to sign and/or terminate a network services contract, which you can also fill in at the customer service centre. You can also send the documents by post to Kadaka tee 63, 12915 Tallinn.

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Why do I need to sign a network services contract?

We supply electricity to your place of consumption under the network services contract. The contract sets the terms and conditions for the electricity supply, the network services package and contact information for forwarding information such as notifications of planned outages.

After you have signed the contract you can manage most of the network services in our e-service.

If the electricity has been disconnected in a place of consumption, you will have to pay for reconnecting the power in the metering point when you sign the network contract. Learn more about the reconnection fee »

Withdrawing from the network contract

A private person who has signed a network contract remotely or electronically, or outside of the seller's premises has the right to withdraw from the network contract within 14 days of signing it. To withdraw from the contract simply send a message stating that intention before the notification period expires.

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