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Lower network fees following a power outage

  • If a power outage lasts longer than permitted by law, we will reduce the network service fee.
  • The compensation will be indicated on your network service bill.
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Breakdowns and planned outages can occur in the power network from time to time. If the power is not returned after an outage within the time prescribed by the law then Elektrilevi will reduce the network service fee on your bill.

The permitted duration of outages and the compensation to be paid for them have been set in a regulation by the Minister of Economic Affairs and Communications.

Power outages can be either unscheduled or planned. An unscheduled outage means that the electricity supply is lost unexpectedly because of an unplanned event in the electricity network. Planned outages are connected with repair and maintenance work in electricity networks and are always planned ahead. We will notify you personally about planned outages by email or text message at least two days in advance. There can be up to 70 hours of breakdowns and up to 64 hours of planned outages per place of consumption per year.

Breakdowns should be repaired within a certain time depending on when they happen and what has happened.

Season How quickly the power should come back after an unscheduled outage Total time the power may be out during planned outages
Summer (1 April – 30 September) Within 12 hours Up to 10 hours
Winter (1 October – 31 March) Within 16 hours Up to 8 hours
An unforeseeable event like strong wind, a thaw or a flood, which is then announced on Elektrilevi's website and in the media Within 3 days after the event has ended  

How are network fees reduced?

You do not have to apply for a reduction in the network fee. We will reduce the network fee automatically and depending on the power outage as follows:

  • One-off power outages – compensation will be reflected on your next bill or on the bill after that at the latest depending on how many times there have been power outages that have lasted longer than allowed during one billing period.
  • Outages within a year – compensation will be calculated once a year after the end of the calendar year.

How much is the network fee reduced by?

We will reduce network fees if it has taken longer than allowed to restore the power supply. The compensation varies depending on the place of consumption and the delay beyond the permitted limit:

Place of consumption The delay in restoring the power supply within permitted time limits (in hours)
  Up to 48 hours Between 48 and 96 hours More than 96 hours
Low voltage up to 63 A 7,99 € 15,98 € 23,97 €
Low voltage over 63 A 0,13 €/A 0,26 €/A 0,38 €/A
Medium voltage place of consumption (capacity in kW) 0,77 €/kW 1,53 €/kW 2,30 €/kW

If the compensation is not reflected on your bill, please contact us by emailing or calling 777 1545.