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Transfer of network ownership

  • You are the owner of an electricity network or a client of an apartment association
  • You want to transfer the network and become a direct customer
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Owners of external networks who want to transfer the ownership of the network owned or managed by them to us should first consult our specialist Rain Reinsalu by sending him an email at We will then identify the part of the network to be transferred, and the terms and the possible options for transferring the ownership.

We can take over the ownership of a network from an owner who is a legal or physical person. The owner may have to be identified first. In some cases the local government can declare the network to have no owner and transfer the ownership of the network to us.

How long does it take to transfer a network?

The process of transferring the ownership of a network can take a long time. It depends, for example, on whether the technical documentation of the network has been preserved. If it has not then the person transferring the network will have to obtain the documentation. Elektrilevi can only take over safe networks that have a legal basis and meet the requirements.